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"Do not hanker after internet; turn to the innernet. Concentrate on inner vision. Sanctify your inner faculties. Then only can you unify and get access to human values. You must keep attempting toward unification; unity is the aim. When you achieve unity how much is your strength magnified?."

-Sathya Sai Speaks”, Vol. XXXIII, Chapter- 17.


The Sai Mandir website aims to be an administrative tool, which endeavors to promote the objectives of the Sai Mandir of Wimbledon by the utilisation of web technologies and good administrative/ editorial practices. It is also mindful  of its responsibilities to the regular devotees and new comers to the Sai Mandir, in the accuracy, regularity and  appropriateness of its  reports.


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"Regularly maintain the Sai Centers’ Web Site on the Internet with the help of the youth."


- Resolutions of 1st World Youth Conference, 1997

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